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My grandparents
My grandparents were married on th Isle of Eigg
James Hugh Macaskill & Barbara Thompson
Posted by Barbara just on 12 August 2023
McAskill family, The Manse, July 1952
Hi. I have recently come across an album of photos my parents (Norman & Tinnie Crowder) took in 1952 during a West of Scotland Road trip. Those taken on Eigg include 5 group photos of Mr & Mrs McAskill (Isobell?) with children and a full length photo of Calum. I also have a letter from Isobell thanking them for the enlargement of the Calum photo. Her address is The Manse, Isle of Eigg.
It would be nice to know more about the people in the photos and I will happily email opines to anyone interested.
Many thanks
Sarah Stone (nee Crowder)
Posted by Sarah Stone on 15 May 2023
Angus the Miller
Hi I wonder if you can give me any info my Grt x 3 grandfather who I believe was the Miller on Eigg he was Angus MacDonald, around the 1850s his son Hugh left and settled on Bute where the family still live,
I believe there was a son or brother of Angus the Miller named Colin who immigrated to Canada
Posted by Robert MacDonald on 24 March 2023
Past relative on the island
Hello. My Great Grandad lived on the Isle of Eigg, spoke Gaelic and was a ploughman. His last name was McGilvray. Unfortunately, my Grandad didn't pass much information onto me about this before he passed away and I'd love to know more about my Great Grandad and his role on the island etc. If you have any records or information on him, I'd love to receive it. Thank you!
Posted by Dee on 06 December 2022
James McPherson b.May 1823
I realize this may be a long-shot. I recently undertook DNA testing that shows the only Mcpherson I am connected to at myFamilyDNA is a descendant of Eigg who ended up in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am 8 steps from that connection. Those MacPhersons left Eigg ca. 1792 and went to Nova Scotia. Their earliest known ancestor was John McPherson bc1762 Sandaveg, Eigg. My McPherson was James b.1823. He emigrated to St. Anicet, Quebec, Canada at some point, reportedly with his wife Nancy Rankin's family. (She was born 1821). They, and all of my descendants are buried near there. His obituary stated that he was from Badenoch, Invernessshire, Scotland although I can find no record of him being from there. It wasn't until the DNA testing that I thought he might have come from some place else, when I discovered this connection. Would you know how I could look to see if there is any record of him there in Eigg? Or of his family perhaps leaving for the mainland at some point? He is 4 steps back from me, so I'm guessing his connection to the Eigg MacPhersons would have been 4 more back (his great-great-grandfather). So I'm guessing late 1600s to early 1700s Macphersons. I realize the chance of finding his, and my, ancestors there is remote. But I thought I'd take the chance. Any help you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated. Slainte Mhath, Graham MacPherson. Ontario, Canada.
Posted by Graham MacPherson on 06 December 2022
Posted on 14 January 2021
Posted on 05 November 2020
Eigg DNA links?
Posted on 21 September 2020
John MacPherson Sandavore
Posted on 19 September 2020
Thank you
Posted on 24 June 2020
Posted on 22 April 2020
Cameron family
Posted on 14 December 2017
Rev Sinclair the sailing man of God
Posted on 11 December 2017
Croft number 6
Posted on 08 December 2017
Ronald Fraser (1889-1865)
Posted on 18 May 2017
Posted on 05 July 2016
Laughlin MacKinnon
Posted on 02 July 2016
Well, imagine my surprise
Posted on 26 April 2016
Access to archives
Posted on 25 April 2016
Posted on 03 January 2016
John MacQuarry
Posted on 20 September 2015
My Currie Family
Posted on 23 July 2015
Posted on 18 July 2015
Posted on 13 December 2014
1831 census for Eigg
Posted on 20 October 2014
Kildonnan parish?
Posted on 23 August 2014
McKinnon-MacDonald from Eigg
Posted on 23 August 2014
Posted on 02 May 2014
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